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Too Faced Lip Insurance Primer, 1 ea
Too Faced Lip Insurance Primer, 1 ea
Like Shadow Insurance for your lips, our new lip primer locks down lip color and prevents fading, bleeding and creasing. A unique, creamy formulation applied all over the lips promotes suppleness and glides on smooth for maximum staying power Lip Lockdown: Glosses and lip color won t feather, fade or transfer even under the most lip challenging conditions. Dual Benefits: Vitamin E enriched formula pampers lips while unique pigment binders protect lip colors from any pout imperfections. Brush On: Built in lip brush is always prepared with the ideal application amount for even coverage. In True Form: Quick-drying formula guarantees that deep, rich pigments perform at their maximum possible depth. Good For You: Free of parabens, sulfates, dyes and other damaging ingredients Colorless Application: Disappears into any skin tone Primer
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